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And the learning continues…



Sunday seems to be my day to blog. There was much to absorb in etmooc this week it’s hard to know where to start. To keep with the mission of making learning visible I’ll share a few insights but give them to you in chunks so my blog is easy to follow and right to the point.

  • I figured out Hootsuite (yea another ipad app – learning more apps is a goal for me in this course). It definitely helps me manage the twitter coming from this course and the other feeds I’ve discovered and now want to read every day.

4314477411_38bbb23e6c_thttp://Photo Credit: www.jeremylim.ca via Compfight cc

  • I’ve come to appreciate the difference between social book marking and curation (i think?) as they were both new concepts before watching the session on them this past week. I’ve added Diigo and Scoop it (yea two more apps) to my ipad and have managed to save some surfing to both sites. I haven’t yet shared from these apps as I am still discovering them. Sharing will be one of next week’s goals.

5600359367_1dbca420d3_thttp://Photo Credit: lilkarl71 via Compfight cc

  •  I read many blog posts this week and found one by Sue Waters called Work smarter and stay connected in a learning community helped me discovered another new app Flipboard. This app also helped me to manage the flow of information coming from etmooc. Sue’s session this past week on blogging brought up so many new ideas and things to explore. I hope I have linked my reference to her above correctly and pasted photo’s from compfight with proper attribution.

6223768522_bdf6f4512chttp://Photo Credit: poopoorama via Compfight cc

  •  I enjoyed the blackboard session on connected learning with every part of the presentation being new learning for me. When Alex asked: What does my PLE/PLN look like? How can I share it? I came up with this…

Before etmooc

After etmooc

ETMOOC Graphic design courtesy Adam Lark. attribution for twitter graphic

  • Alex’s next question was: How important is connected learning? Why? I think this is what i am discovering through participation in etmooc. I don’t have it all figured out but i see so far that this experience has opened my eyes and shown me that so much more exists outside my safe little world. I was feeling comfortable with life and like maybe i knew what i was doing but now i find this experience
    has turned my world upside down. I think that maybe i am just experiencing some real learning. My beliefs and attitudes are being challenged. My brain hurts and i can’t stop thinking about all those blog posts and the blackboard sessions. Maybe connected learning is important because it’s through the questions and ideas being shared that i am being pushed to try new things and to discover
    some new thinking.

still thinking about the other questions..something for this week


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  1. Sue Waters says:

    You’ve linked well! The photo attribution is correct but I think WordPress may be stripping some of the HTML code. I’ll test it in awhile on my test blog and let you know.

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