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In the beginning….



Ok here I go….this is my first blog post. I really have no idea what I am doing. I want to learn how to use technology for learning so I jumped in to an online corse that will require me to use all kinds of technology I have never tried. It will be bath by fire. The online course is a MOOC, a massive online open course on educational technology. I am blow away that there are over 1200 educators from around the world registered ready to learn together. You can find the course at http://www.etmooc.org. I have been learning twitter for a while now mostly just lurking watching, reading and absorbing. I joined the google plus community or at least I got on and made a post not that I have any real sense of how to use google plus yet. This blog site is a bit frustrating to start as the cursor keeps jumping back to a different spot and I can’t seem to get it where I want it. I am also still new to the iPad I am using. Even though everything is new and confusing it is also very invigorating and exciting. I have never thought of myself as a real risk taker but I feel very on the edge of something exciting right now. Although it feels very overwhelming like third year real analysis all over again I am looking forward to this experience.



  1. asarte12 says:

    Your introduction is exactly how mine could have been written. Playing with my new iPad, lurking on twitter and jumping into this mooc without really knowing what I’m doing. I hope it goes well for both of us!

  2. Sue Waters says:

    Welcome to etmooc and to blogging!

    Blogging can feel a bit overwhelming initially but it will become easier. The etmooc is a great way to learn how to use these different tools and to see how they change the way you learn.

    Sue Waters

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